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Quartz glass is silicon dioxide constituent of glass whose hardness can reach Morse seven levels. It has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties: high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, heat shock resistance, chemical stability and good electrical insulation, and ultraviolet and infrared lights can pass through.

As a result of the quartz’s high melting point 1750℃, when we want to melt the quartz, we need the container with higher melting point. So the refractory metal molybdenum is widely used in quartz melting industry.

Material Properties:

Tungsten has the characters of high melting point, high strength at elevated temperature, low electrical resistivity, lower thermal expansion, low work function of electron emission and low vapor pressure.

Tungsten Tube、Tungsten Die-Plate、Tungsten Mandrel Shalfs

Tungsten Heater

Tungsten Shields

Fabricated Tungsten Parts

Product specification

Tungsten Tubes: we can produce the largest tungsten tube in the world. OD=780mm

Conventional Density: 17.8 g/cm3-18.3 g/cm3

Special Process Density: ≥18.5 g/cm3

Typical Specifications of Tungsten Tube:


Wall Thickness(mm)













Note: All sizes of tungsten tubes can reach high precision by machining.

Tungsten Mandrel Shalfs: After forging,the length of Mandrel Shalfs can be L≤2500mm, Diameter≤80mm.

Production Process

Tungsten and molybdenum semi-finished producta are manufactured via the powder metallurgy process

We use high tech forging, rolling and heat treatment methods to continue the deep processing, shape the material and improve their performance.

We use highly precision mechanical processing technology and equipment to complete the finished product processing.

Our Advantages

➢ We have the 60 years experience of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, own the professional tungsten and molybdenum manufacture technology and is the first supplier of tungsten tube in China.

➢ We have the nation's largest advanced tungsten & molybdenum materials production lines which can satisfy your different product requirements.

➢ Precision machining technology, the use of CNC laser cutting, high precision, to ensure that the heat evenly spaced, provides the high quality products for quartz continuous melting furnace.

➢ We can design and improve the furnace together with you. We have more than 20 thermal field technology engineers always ready for your production line, make recommendations for you.

➢ We never stop footsteps of Technical innovation. As a state-owned company, we take responsibility of leading the development of domestic refractory metal technology.

➢ Company certificated by the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system authentication.

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