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Talent Reservation

We gather talents with cause, encourage talents with pioneering spirit, care them with emotion, and reward them with competitive pay to create the concept which added talents value and enterprise efficiency.

In order to raise quality of faculty, meanwhile provide and cultivate high-end talents, we take measures that focusing on “defining strategic target clearly, constructing talent team” ,”strengthening training to speed talent growth”, “providing platform, expanding the growth space” and “creating a harmonious and cultivating environment” based on the technology innovation as the development secret and feeling grateful together with sharing as team spirit.

By the end of 2012, we have 644 staff including 13 phDs, 62 postgraduates, 80 undergraduates; the proportion of age under 35 is 76%. The highly educated and younger staffs bring what to the company is not only a strong operational capacity, much more is to ensure that the high production requirements, guaranteeing the merit factor of product.


  • Visiting teacher meeting of new employee in 2011

  • Training meeting of new employee in 2012

  • Technological innovation awards in 2013


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