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Yongfeng Industrial Base


Beijing Zhongguan Village Yongfeng High Technology and New Technology Industrial Base is located in No. 99, Beiqing Street, Haidian District. Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch of Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd. (AT&M) is located in the Advanced Technology C Section of the base. The large-scale specialized production factory and comfortable staff office area cover 20,000 square meters and cost hundreds of millions RMB.

In Yongfeng Industrial Base, hundreds of the high and new tech enterprises form the scaled production including the Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch of AT&M.

Zhuozhou Industrial Base


Zhuozhou Industrial Base as the most important industrial base of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group is located in the economic and technological development zone of Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, which is covering 258.3 acres (170,000 square meters). Many large scale production lines of AT&M are set here.

Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch sets up hot isostatic pressing workshop, auxiliary workshop, as well as plasma spraying workshop and smelting workshop of target material project, with covering of about 15,000 square meters. Among these projects, Zhuozhou hot isostatic pressing project, with an investment of about 0.2 billion RMB, has become the most professional and authoritative research and service center. 

In the morning of December 7th, 2012, the ceremony of HIP850 equipment completed and put into operation was held at Zhuozhou base. HIP850 equipment, which is the most advanced hot isostatic pressing equipment with the biggest size in the domestic market, is the symbol of Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch to reach a new level in the advantage and ability aspects of hot isostatic pressing equipment.

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